Thunder Client is a lightweight Rest API Client Extension for Visual Studio Code, hand-crafted by Ranga Vadhineni (opens in a new tab) with a focus on simplicity, clean design and local storage. You can report any Bugs Or Feature requests on our Github (opens in a new tab) page.

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How to Use



  • The minimum VS Code version now required is v1.85.0.
  • Node.js version v18.0.0 or higher is required.

Main Features

  • Lightweight and easy to use REST API Client.
  • Supports Collections and Environment variables.
  • Scriptless Testing: Easily test API responses with a GUI-based interface.
  • Local Storage: The extension saves all data locally on the user's device.
  • Git Sync: Save requests data in your Git repository for team collaboration.
  • Advanced CLI: Run requests, collections from the terminal and integrate with CI & CD.


  • First to introduce GUI based API Client for VS Code.
  • First to introduce 100% local storage API Client.
  • First to introduce Scriptless Testing.
  • First to introduce an advanced CLI that runs Requests, Collections and cURL commands.
  • More to come...

Storage Location

The requests data files default storage location paths:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\Code\User\globalStorage\rangav.vscode-thunder-client
  • Linux: ~/.config/Code/User/globalStorage/rangav.vscode-thunder-client
  • Mac: /Users/{{userName}}/Library/Application Support/Code/User/globalStorage/rangav.vscode-thunder-client/
    • Replace {{username}} with yours.

For VSCode Server:

  • Linux: ~/.vscode-server/data/User/globalStorage/rangav.vscode-thunder-client

Release Notes


  • If you'd like to improve documentation, please submit a PR.
  • Suggestions to further improve the product.