• The following imports of Collections and Environments are supported:
    • Postman 2.1.0 format
    • Insomnia v4 json file
    • Open API v3 json or yaml files
    • Thunder Client
  • You can import or export Thunder Client Collections and Environments data.
  • Import of .env files is also supported, select Import from Env tab and choose .env file

How to Import a Collection

  1. Select the Collection tab from the sidebar.
  2. Click the Menu icon (see image) and select Import or Import from Url.
  3. Now select a file from Postman, Thunder Client, Insomnia, or Open API.
Import a Collection

Import cURL

  • From Activity tab menu, select Import cURL
  • Now you can enter cURL Text or Url in the same input ( shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + u )
  • From Command Palette select Thunder Client: Import cURL, which is helpful to test a request from anywhere. Here also you can enter cURL text or Url

Export Data

How to Convert to Postman Format

  • From the Sidebar - select the menu (...) and then choose Convert To Postman Format.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Command Palette and choose the Convert To Postman Format option.