Run Requests

Run Requests

The CLI and Extension are integrated seamlessly, so you can access requests data from the terminal without any additional configuration.

  • To execute requests run tc 'requestNameOrId', the request can be executed using id, name or partial name


As you can see in the above image, executing requests is very easy from CLI. The output is formatted beautifully with Status, Response with Syntax highlighting & VSCode theme, and Test results.

To Run the same request from UI requires multiple steps as below

  • Open Sidebar
  • Click Collections Tab
  • Open collection User and folder Account
  • Then open Welcome request
  • Now execute the request

Output Log

When the user executes a request by default — Status, Response & Test Results are displayed. You can control the data to output with --log argument.

  • Log options for request: 0=All Data, 1=ReqHeaders, 2=ReqBody, 6=ResHeaders, 7=ResBody, 8=Tests
  • Example: tc 'welcome' --log 1,2,7 will display Req headers, Req Body, and Response Body.

Open Request UI from CLI

If you like to quickly execute a request in extension UI, then you can do it easily from CLI using --ui argument.

  • tc 'welcome' --ui To open a request in UI and execute automatically
  • tc 'welcome' --ui2 To open a request in UI without auto-run.


VSCode Themes In Terminal

We are the first to introduce VSCode themes into the terminal.

img Bearded Arc Theme (left) — Rose Pine (right)

img One Dark Pro (left) — Night Owl (right)