Get Started

Get Started

Please find the documentation links for Thunder Client Features


  • The Git Sync feature is useful for saving data to a Git repository for team collaboration.
  • Please note that Git Sync is a paid feature. Refer to the pricing (opens in a new tab) for more details

Import Collections

How to login from Extension

  • Please see the instructions on how to log in from the extension


  • Environments - Docs
  • Set Environment Variables from response - Docs
  • Pre & Post Request Script - Docs
  • Scripting Reference - Docs
  • Convert Postman Script Guide - Docs
  • Assertions using GUI - Docs
  • Assertions using Scripting - Docs
  • Cookies - Docs

CI/CD Integration

  • The CLI supports CI and CD integration and generates reports. This is a Paid Feature.
  • Please see the CLI Documentation - CLI Docs