Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

  • This feature is useful for saving data in a git repository for team collaboration.
This feature is available in the paid version.

Git Sync

Integration with Git is supported by VS Code settings below.

NOTE: choose any one setting as required.

1. Save To Workspace (Recommended):

Enable this setting when you'd like to save requests data in the current workspace. This will create a thunder-tests folder in the root of the workspace. The extension will load the data automatically when you open the project in VS Code.

  • Workspace Relative Path (Optional Setting): The default location of the thunder-tests folder is at the root of your workspace. Use the Workspace Relative Path setting to specify a different relative path (see below for examples).
    • Make sure the Workspace Relative Path setting is "Workspace" scope, not "User".
    • Example 1: To save requests in the folder named Child inside the workspace, the Workspace relative path is Child. Similarly, for a folder Child/folder_name inside the workspace the workspace relative path is Child/folder_name
    • Example 2: To save requests in the Parent folder of the workspace, the workspace relative path is ../


2. Custom Location:

Use this setting when you'd like to save all of the requests data in one fixed location. Enter the full folder path to save the data.

  • Supports relative path to user root directory. Use prefix $HOME. e.g $HOME/Documents/folderName


  • Note 1: The environments will be stored in thunderEnvironment.json, in the thunder-tests folder. If you'd like to exclude any secrets from thunderEnvironment.json file then use Local Environment to store values locally on your computer.
  • Note 2: Please restart VS Code after updating settings.
  • Note 3: Requests that existed before activating the git sync feature are not saved automatically. To save them, create the thunder-tests folder and copy the .json files found in the default storage into it.
  • Note 4: If you use both settings, then Save To Workspace will be used.