cURL Command

Enhances cURL Commands

Above, we demonstrated how to run requests and collections easily from the CLI. Thunder Client CLI also integrates with cURL commands, enabling the execution or creation of requests from the CLI.

Standard cURL Command


Run cURL using TC

Run cURL command by prefixing tc and see the magic. By using Thunder Client CLI you will get the following benefits over normal cURL.

  • Formatted Output
  • Syntax Highlighting & VSCode Themes
  • Request history will be saved to your Activity Tab


Save Request to Collection/Folder

You can also save requests to collection or folder using cURL command from CLI.

  • tc curl '' --name 'Curl Req1' --col User the command will add request to collection User with name Curl Req1.
  • Use --col argument to save to collection, and --fol argument to save to folder, and --name to specify the name of request.